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The kitchen is more than a place to cook. It is the heart of your home. Here, you and your dear ones come together. It is the place to tell stories, while you are stirring the pot. It is the place to discuss, while the dough rises in the oven. It is the place of love, laughter and where you come together. The harmonious design of our kitchens provides the perfect setting for countless unforgettable moments.

Discover the universe of Häcker kitchens: a world of endless possibilities.

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The appeal of the product line concept130 lies in its affordable variety. You have the choice of more than 20 décor options and various worktop surfaces. A burst of colour for concept130 are our 6 Selection colours, which we always align with current trends. Two carcase heights, nifty closing mechanisms and an extensive selection of handles further broaden the range of options. Classy glass fronts, minimalist handleless design options and pull-outs with glass sides are special options, which provide your new kitchen with that certain something.

Our 130 mm grid system creates a unified, harmonious design with a clear visual architecture. Whether you wish to create an urban atmosphere, family-home feeling, minimalistic modernity or country house style – everything is possible in concept130. 


TOP SOFT graphite
Bali walnut
ROMA crema magnolia
PERFECT SOFT taupe / graphite
FARO polar white
BRISTOL eucalyptus
METEOR steel brushed
LOTUS graphite
PORTO natural umber


Our exclusive product line systemat impresses with a broad range of extraordinary surfaces. High-grade lacquered fronts are available in 1950 NCS colours and 190 RAL colours. There is no colour dream that we aren't able to realise. If you tend towards natural materials, you will love systemat’s classy veneers, be it stone, real wood or ceramic veneered surfaces. Carcases are available in 3 beautiful design colours, 3 base unit heights and 4 base unit depths – because our flexibility is your freedom of design.

Real highlight: our SLD SlimLine Drawer, an extraordinarily delicate pull-out system with a 8 mm full-metal frame. The glazed sides of the SLD glass drawer create sublime effects of openness and lightness, especially in the illuminated LED version.


AV 2040 | AV 6000-GL
AV 2135
AV 5045-GL
AV 6023
AV 6082-GL
AV 2042
AV 6023
AV 7030
AV 6055 RAL


Since its very beginnings in 1898, Häcker Küchen is committed to sustainability – in our products, processes and beyond. We are certified as climate-neutral enterprise.

  • Our materials are to a high percentage renewable, eco-friendly or recycled (e. g. water-based lacquers, 100 % recycled synthetic material of our plinth feet). 
  • We produce as regional as possible in order to shorten transport distances. This helps us to reduce our CO² emissions. 
  • We are constantly working on the sustainability of our packing (e. g. substitution of styrofoam by cardboard as packaging material).
  • Processes of digitisation (e. g. reduction of print media) help us to preserve natural resources. 
  • We take part in diverse environmental projects (e. g. 40,000 m² of company-owned flowering meadow for insect protection, plus 400 m² of wetland biotope; support of international projects of reforestation). 
  • Eco-friendly transport (e. g. shifting delivery containers from road to rail) and energy efficiency measures (e. g. use of our own photovoltaic system) serve our sustainability goals.


Blaupunkt produces premium built-in kitchen appliances for Häcker Küchen exclusively. Blaupunkt appliances meet the latest technical standards. They perfectly combine advanced technology and sophisticated design, from ovens and hobs via microwaves and dishwashers to fridge/freezer combinations. 
Blaupunkt attaches great importance to durability. Therefore, Blaupunkt offers the possibility to acquire a 5-year warranty for their appliances. 
Special highlights are low-noise hobs with integrated extractor, extractor fan hoods with lift function and refrigerations with NoFrost and Super Freezing technology. Any wine connoisseur will be delighted by Blaupunkt’s built-in and undercounter wine refrigeration.


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